for a while, at least

In this country as in no other,
we have learned to treat
our houses as tradeable,
money-making assets,
instead of as primarily
just our homes,
where we live – even,
as people used to say,
where the heart is.

Anybody who has simply wanted
to live like that
over the past decade
has been made a fool of
by the market.

The effect on how we regard
where we ourselves eat, sleep
and have our being has
in some ways
been worse.

For a while at least,
it’s over.

— David Sexton, This Is London

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clearly excessive

We’re in a period where house prices
are clearly adjusting to a new level,
and buyers and sellers are struggling
to find out what that new level is.

The market will determine it,
not us or the government.

Once we’ve reached that level,
prices should normalise.

But that does not mean
back to levels seen early last year
that were clearly excessive.

— Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, quoted in The Guardian.

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did this get done yet?

new myth to bust


pekingese dog sleds
exploding toasters
cow tipping
free energy levitation made at home
exploding pinto’s
stop, drop and roll

bloody marry
bloody marry
bloody marry

gasoline melting structural steel
deadly chicken bacteria
6 crackers in 1 minute
exploding tomato paste
soda that stains teeth and faeces
dog’s mouth cleaner
tennis ball or cellphone unlocking car
pressurised human exploding

traffic signals
free energy
fainting goats
over unity
floating beer
perpetual motion
bra burning

bologna on a car hood
reflection from the eye
man on the moon
penny from the empire state
finger in the barrel
grape in a microwave
shot in a crucifix
voices of dead on tape
soap in the sheets
cellphone on a plane on a treadmill

did this get done yet?

— a selection of questions from the MythBusters Fan Forum, where fans can post suggestions for future shows.

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disposable planet

The earth we inhabit
is not a permanent planet.
It is, frankly, a disposable planet —
it is going to have a very short life.
It’s been around six thousand years
or so — that’s all —
and it may last
a few thousand more.
And then the Lord
is going to destroy it.

I’ve told environmentalists that if
they think humanity
is wrecking the planet,
wait until they see
what Jesus does to it.

This earth was never
ever intended to be
a permanent planet —
it is not eternal.
We do not have to
worry about it being around
tens of thousands, or
millions, of years from now
because God is going to create
a new heaven and a new earth.

— John McArthur: Evangelicalism and the Environmental Movement

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word prospects

conflicts of interest aborted initiatives for the deployment of american democracy

thank you for the victors!

what happened in qana a crime against humanity

israel takes innocent lost comet

the implants do not derive only wind storm

allow re-deployment and use of any article on the site, provided the source is appropriate

— from today’s front page at Translated from Arabic by Google Translate (beta)

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ridicule the fraidy-cats

So keep fightin’ for freedom and justice, beloveds,
but don’t you forget to have fun doin’ it.

Lord, let your laughter ring forth.
Be outrageous, ridicule the fraidy-cats,
rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce.

And when you get through kickin’ ass
and celebratin’ the sheer joy of a good fight,
be sure to tell those who come after
how much fun it was.

— Molly Ivins (1944-2007), Texan political commentator and author.

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five minutes fast

Dear Mark,

That is a big “if”.
Economists frequently explain
eccentric behaviour with
a model of two
rational agents
in one body,
battling to
outwit each other.

To summarise:
you have a split personality,
a warped view of time and
are too lazy to do
simple sums.

Now put down this magazine:
I suspect you are
running late for

— Tim Harford, Five Minutes Fast (excerpt), Dear Economist column, Financial Times Magazine, 20 Jan 2007. Response to a question about setting one’s watch five minutes fast.

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honor and order in your own house

From the opportunities which fate
and my fellow citizens have given me,
as a Member of the House,
as Vice President and President of the Senate,
and as President of all the people,
I have come to understand
and place the highest value
on the checks and balances
which our founders imposed on government
through the separation of powers among co-equal
legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

This often results in difficulty and delay,
as I well know,
but it also places supreme authority
under God, beyond any one person,
any one branch, any majority great or small,
or any one party.

The Constitution is the bedrock
of all our freedoms.
Guard and cherish it,
keep honor and order in your own house,
and the Republic will endure.

— Gerald R Ford (1913-2006), from his final State of the Union address (01/1977), shortly after losing the Presidential election to Jimmy Carter.

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a visual kit for the blood of jesus

Crown of Thorns

One Crucifixion Nail
Cat of Nine Tails Whip
Tabernacle Felt Set

Life-size Latex Heart Model
Kids Discover Magazine on Blood
Scarlet Cord with Tassels

Cardboard Ark of the Covenant
Cardboard Brazen Altar
Instructions to Make High Priest Costume

Instructions to Make a Temple Veil
Chef’s cap for High Priest’s Crown
Judge’s Gavel

Simplicity Patterns for Bible costumes

— contents of A Visual Kit for the Blood of Jesus, on sale at Kids In Ministry.

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HIV and Bears

Nobody who has seen a baby born can believe in God for a second.

When you see your child born,
and the panic, and
the amount of technology,
that is saving the lives of the two
people you love most in the world;
when you see how much
stainless steel and money it takes,
to fight off the fact that
God wants both those people dead,
no-one can look in to the eyes
of a newborn baby
and say there is a God.

If we were squatting in the woods,
the two people I love
most would be dead;
there’s just no way around that.

If I were in charge, no way:
we need technology
to fight against Nature.
Nature so wants us dead,
Nature is trying to kill us.

The natural things
in this world
HIV and Bears.

— Penn Jillette, on Penn Radio, Free FM, Nov. 22 2006

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