disposable planet

The earth we inhabit
is not a permanent planet.
It is, frankly, a disposable planet —
it is going to have a very short life.
It’s been around six thousand years
or so — that’s all —
and it may last
a few thousand more.
And then the Lord
is going to destroy it.

I’ve told environmentalists that if
they think humanity
is wrecking the planet,
wait until they see
what Jesus does to it.

This earth was never
ever intended to be
a permanent planet —
it is not eternal.
We do not have to
worry about it being around
tens of thousands, or
millions, of years from now
because God is going to create
a new heaven and a new earth.

— John McArthur: Evangelicalism and the Environmental Movement

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  1. well I’m glad all that is cleared up now. lets go get some SUV’s and eat dinner on Styrofoam plates. Interesting piece.

  2. This belongs on “Fundies Say The Darndest Things”: I didn’t post it here to suggest I agreed with it..!

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