honor and order in your own house

From the opportunities which fate
and my fellow citizens have given me,
as a Member of the House,
as Vice President and President of the Senate,
and as President of all the people,
I have come to understand
and place the highest value
on the checks and balances
which our founders imposed on government
through the separation of powers among co-equal
legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

This often results in difficulty and delay,
as I well know,
but it also places supreme authority
under God, beyond any one person,
any one branch, any majority great or small,
or any one party.

The Constitution is the bedrock
of all our freedoms.
Guard and cherish it,
keep honor and order in your own house,
and the Republic will endure.

— Gerald R Ford (1913-2006), from his final State of the Union address (01/1977), shortly after losing the Presidential election to Jimmy Carter.

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a visual kit for the blood of jesus

Crown of Thorns

One Crucifixion Nail
Cat of Nine Tails Whip
Tabernacle Felt Set

Life-size Latex Heart Model
Kids Discover Magazine on Blood
Scarlet Cord with Tassels

Cardboard Ark of the Covenant
Cardboard Brazen Altar
Instructions to Make High Priest Costume

Instructions to Make a Temple Veil
Chef’s cap for High Priest’s Crown
Judge’s Gavel

Simplicity Patterns for Bible costumes

— contents of A Visual Kit for the Blood of Jesus, on sale at Kids In Ministry.

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