HIV and Bears

Nobody who has seen a baby born can believe in God for a second.

When you see your child born,
and the panic, and
the amount of technology,
that is saving the lives of the two
people you love most in the world;
when you see how much
stainless steel and money it takes,
to fight off the fact that
God wants both those people dead,
no-one can look in to the eyes
of a newborn baby
and say there is a God.

If we were squatting in the woods,
the two people I love
most would be dead;
there’s just no way around that.

If I were in charge, no way:
we need technology
to fight against Nature.
Nature so wants us dead,
Nature is trying to kill us.

The natural things
in this world
HIV and Bears.

— Penn Jillette, on Penn Radio, Free FM, Nov. 22 2006

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purpose in life

We do not think there is a purpose of life.
If there were, that would cheapen life,
making us tools or slaves of a master.

We think there is purpose in life.
As long as there are
problems to solve,
hunger to feed,
illness to cure,
pain to lessen,
inequality to eradicate,
oppression to resist,
knowledge to gain,
and beauty to create,
there will be meaning in life.

A college student once asked Carl Sagan:
“What meaning is left, if
everything I’ve been taught
since I was a child
turns out to be untrue?”

Carl looked at him
and said,
“Do something meaningful.”

If you want to be
a good, kind person,
then . . . be
a good, kind person.

— Dan Barker (Freedom From Religion Foundation): Salvation

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awe hardly tapped

How is it that
hardly any major religion
has looked at science and

‘This is better than we thought!
The Universe is much bigger
than our prophets said,
more subtle,
more elegant’?

Instead they say,

‘No, no, no!
My god is a little god,
and I want him
to stay that way.’

A religion,
old or new,
that stressed the
magnificence of the
Universe as revealed by
modern science
might be able
to draw forth
reserves of reverence
and awe hardly tapped
by the conventional faiths.

— Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot

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the people’s land, again

Glancing at the headlines
this AM I see
the Dems have at least
taken a few seats back,
maybe enough to give
them a majority vote
in the house.

I sang
“This Land Is Your Land”
to myself as
I rode my bike
downtown — I got
choked up
and started to cry.

Maybe it will be
the people’s land again,

— David Byrne, 11.7-8.06: Election day

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