trash for your mind

This book was SO moving.
It brought up a few
important issues,
like sex,
sex, sex,
sex, sex,
and guess what?


It is disgusting how the
world has become nowadays.
It’s disgraceful!
God-fearing people,
stay away from this book!!!!
It’s trash for your mind and
brings up perverted topics.
You shouldn’t read this book.

We didn’t. It’s a book
of scandal,
seduction, and

— review of DH Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by Phlemabel and Raquebel, on

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uncommon devotion to religion

A tyrant must put on
the appearance of
uncommon devotion
to religion.

Subjects are less
apprehensive of
illegal treatment from
a ruler whom they consider
god-fearing and pious.

On the other hand,
they do less easily
move against him,
believing that he has
the gods on his side.

— attributed to Aristotle

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absurd silos

You have to be free to see
how absurd silos can be.

You have to see markets as
wide-open spaces opened
by ubiquitous relationships,
and potential relationships,
between digital devices
and the human beings
who use them.

You have to see
unrestricted possibilities
for the people
and organizations putting
those devices,
their applications
and their data
to work.

Those possibilities
lose their limits
once you set your mind
free of the notion that
a free market is
just a choice of silos.

Doc Searls, Linux for Suits: Breaking the Matrix, in Linux Journal

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we don’t want a giant banana

When you start enlarging things
for your stage show,
there’s that Spinal Tap line.

On the far left you have
U2 on The Joshua Tree tour
with just a couple lights
and that’s it. On the far right you have
Elton John
with a giant banana.

We don’t want a giant banana.

— Matt Bellamy (Muse) on the perils of large stage shows (via Net Music Countdown)

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