In Minnesota
there are alot
of misquito.

Some poeple say if it
bites you
right in the muscle
[like exacly in the right place]
and you flex
it will blow up.

Yes I know some people have already brought this one up but I really want to see if its true.

and Ive tryed
many times

— “Dinosaurr”, a newly-registered user on the MythBusters Community Forums.

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  1. The story about exploding mosquitoes is true. Forty years ago I worked in a mining camp near Watson Lake Yukon. Among the several trivial entertainments pursued by the men in the bunkhouse was the mosquito contest.
    I participated once and only once because of the massive size of the swollen bite I received. What you do is put your arm out, hand face up, and wait for a mosquito to land on your arm at the elbow joint. When it begins to bite,(the closer to the vein the better for this endeavor), you close your fist and tighten your muscles. The mosquito is unable to extract its little stinger and also unable to stop sucking blood. Within a matter of twenty seconds the mosquito swells up to a dime size red blob and bursts…unless you do as I did and open your hand releasing the flexed muscle thus releasing the mosquito. When I did this the bloated, dime sized mosquito attempted to fly away but instead slowly bounced across the road in front of the bunkhouse and eventually faded into the distance. It was like watching a tiny red basketball in slow motion.
    My arm developed a four inch welt so I never did this again.

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