quayle: would you like a puppy?

Would you like a puppy?

One word sums up, probably,
the responsibility of any Governor,
and that one word is
‘to be prepared’.

We are on an irreversible trend
towards more freedom and democracy – but
that could change.

Illegitimacy is something we should talk
about in terms of not having it.

Who is to blame for the riots?
The rioters are to blame.
Who is to blame for the killings?
The killers are to blame.

We are ready for any unforeseen
event that may or may not occur.

The Holocaust was an obscene period
in our nation’s history. I mean
in this century’s history. But
we all lived in this century.

I didn’t live in this century.
Would you like a puppy?

— Former USA Vice-President James Danforth Quayle has had a rough ride in the media over the years; for every verbal blunder he has been known to make, at least one more has been mis-atttributed, and and al least two more have been created out of nothing. Nevertheless, it is quite entertaining to create a little found poetry from things he definitely did say:

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