for good people to do evil

Religion is an insult
to human dignity.

With or without it
you would have
good people doing
good things and
evil people doing
evil things.

for good people
to do evil things,
that takes religion.

— Professor Steven Weinberg, 1999

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I am neither a lawyer
nor an investigator and
in this matter
I relied
on the expertise of people
in whom I had full confidence
based upon their positions with the company
and my years of experience
working with them … I deeply regret
that so many people,
including me,
were badly let down
by this reliance.

I was a subject
of this investigation
and I, too,
was pretexted.

I dispute
having ever understood or been told
that the fraudulent use of identity
was a part of this
investigation … I had
no reason to think
that anything illegal
was going on.

The fact
is that I
may in fact
be quite common
not just in Hewlett-Packard,
but at companies around the country.
Every company has a security department.

— Patricia Dunn, former Chair of the Board of Hewlett Packard, testifying to Congress on the HP boardroom leaks and the way they were investigated.

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turning graciously

Even thinking about it now still brings tears to my eyes.

Here it was
this beautiful planet
turning graciously about itself,
under the warm rays of the Sun…
so peaceful…
so full of life…
no signs of war,
no signs of borders,
no signs of trouble,
just pure beauty…

How I wished everyone could
experience this feeling in their heart,
especially those who are at the heads
of the governments in the world.

— Anousheh Ansari, XPrize Spaceblog: the first blog posting from Earth orbit.

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united notions

When there is a dispute
between two small nations,
the UN steps in
the dispute disappears.

When there is a dispute
between a small nation and a large nation,
the UN steps in
the small nation disappears.

When there is a dispute
between two large nations,
the UN disappears.

— an “old quip” about the United Nations, quoted by Kenneth Rogoff on Project Syndicate.

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I get like this a few times a year.

I can never pinpoint the exact reason,
and I sort of hope I never do;
I enjoy these hypernostalgic trips,
even if a certain amount of sadness
and longing is the price of admission.

If I figured out why these feelings
well up from time to time,
they probably would
stop coming, and
I’d lose touch with
my formative geek years:
the most complicated and
uncomplicated — and most important —
years of my life.

— Wil Wheaton, extract from in the heat of the night the animals scream.

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In Minnesota
there are alot
of misquito.

Some poeple say if it
bites you
right in the muscle
[like exacly in the right place]
and you flex
it will blow up.

Yes I know some people have already brought this one up but I really want to see if its true.

and Ive tryed
many times

— “Dinosaurr”, a newly-registered user on the MythBusters Community Forums.

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war is not solely past

what I demand you is almost impossible,
for one has to defeat our history.

and nevertheless,
if one does not defeat it,
one has to know a rule that
imposes itself:
nationalism, this is war!

war is not solely past,
it can be our future,
and these are you,
ladies and gentlemen deputies,
who are the guardians of
our peace,
our security
and our future.

— François Mitterrand, from a lecture at the European Parliament, January 17 1995

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something fun for friday afternoon

I had no idea just how big he
was, but when I got back
Irina fawned over me and
said she was so jealous,
saying she watched
him everyday
for years.

Robert Scoble, extract from blog entry Scoble goes Hollywood.

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Nothing excites compassion,
in friend and foe alike,
as much as the sight of
you ker-splonked on the Tarmac with
your propeller buried six feet under.

My friends,
as I have discovered myself,
there are no disasters,
only opportunities.

And, indeed,
opportunities for fresh disasters.

Boris Johnson, MP (UK, Conservative). from a Daily Telegraph editorial he wrote on being fired from a shadow government post.

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junk mail, 7 september 2006

Owen just told to me that you presumably read
about the arrangment on
extending out your livelyhood,

Oh forgot, there also great at helping me on losing my spare tire.

I weight ski shook hands with each of the three remaining men. Even
As concrete

South China twinkle covering her face with

— junk mail, 7 september 2006

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